ERCOT Market Summit 2016 – Highlights

21 Mar

EPA CPP Scenarios:
· Expecting continued efficiency gains and related cost savings from solar
· Price stability of wind and solar creates price volatility for gas plants
· market may make coal retirement decisions without EPA. EPA confirmation may be unnecessary at this point.
· Expecting 7% energy efficiency gains by 2020
· Renewables are now said to be the most efficient water conservation program Texas can employ. Especially due to restricted water use for cooling combined with water saved from drilling gas wells.

Ercot Load Growth:
· Has slowed down due to shift from a manufacturing base to a service base (have a third of the manufacturing jobs we had in the 70s)
· More efficient lighting (Walmart only selling LEDs)
· Warming trend in Texas. This increases  volatility over the next 10 years

Wind/Solar Growth:
· DOE: 24GW new wind, 26GW solar by 2030
· Ercot: 9GW new wind, 13 GW solar by 2030
· Wind down to $40/MWH
· Wind 19GW “under development”
· Solar down to $25/MWH

New Turbine Technology
· Believes Exelon’s Handley/Mountain Creek will be retired once expansion projects are complete
· Steam peakers, nuke, and coal are all under economic pressure to retire, not covering cash costs
· Significant coal retirements (8-13GWs) expected given continued low gas prices


Penitence of a fretful mind

4 Feb

Ever so, as your heart beats besides mine

Absorbing me to reflect, the choices made, the words voiced by a fretful mind

You are a reason to be

I dread the anxiety of the forlorn, when you are left alone

Worry wrought about your day and the neglect you may have felt

Fleeting memories of unkind moments goad me to leave this milieu

There never seems, a better time

Every time your heart beats besides mine

I recall the good times we have had and shed a tear for the world you will one day leave behind

Little will they ever know what you saw from those soulful, shy eyes

Scarcely will they remember the impediments life dealt you, yet the solicitude you will leave behind

Trapped in our little worlds, we will go on. Of our failings, you will remind


Empty Seduction

28 Oct

Empty Seduction.

Empty Seduction

28 Oct

Seduced by the ease and comfort of this life animated
Of sanitized words and clear consciences
Sterilized thoughts and cautious approaches.

Tormented by the piety of those around, the flesh scalds from as the mind races away from of the world around.
Like a fish on the end of the line. Struggling and failing. Trying to get away, but only succeeding in delaying the inevitable. Life of mediocrity and an outcome benign.

The unwinding watch spring winds the cords of the mind. The heart pounds against the chest struggling to break free from this vessel of pedantry.
The breath shallows and the visions of life harden.

The darkness beckons, its dwellers tempts with a chance of a brush with fear, a flirtation with disgrace, a touch from the maligned.
A secret that will be judged harshly, an encounter that will be frowned upon.

Something true, anything alive.

– Sitanshu


Be Happy ख़ुश रहो. جوش باش

26 May

در رز دریام که از روحجداخواهیرفتام

چون نيست حقيقت |ندر دست

جوش باش دامی که زندگانی ين است

              – ستانشو

एक समय आयेगा जब अपनी रूह से नाता टूटेगा । 
सत्य क्या है, किसी को पता नहीं ।
ख़ुश रहो, यह छण ही जीवन है । 

– सितांशू

Be aware that you shall separate from your soul.
Since no one knows the truth,
Be happy, for this moment is life.
– Sitanshu


Peanut Butter

12 May

Peanut Butter.


Peanut Butter

12 May


Bueno Sublime departed at seven-o-nine

Choked on peanut butter, the chunky kind.

Colloidal suspension of monounsaturated fats, once for the toothless inhabitants of sanitarium, now a morning greeting for mankind!

An assault on the senses, disorienting and jarring.

Incomprehensible, some consider it divine.

A smack, a glob, a pop, a dandy becomes closer to a canine.

Overwhelming all except the most pungent, pity this pabulum was the reason for Bueno’s demise.